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Antetype is the first design and layout software focused on visual design, built by UI designers for UI designers. It saves you a lot of time creating and optimizing high-fidelity detailed UI design prototypes.

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Advanced responsive design features: Breakpoints, Wrapping, Flow Layout
Real World Projects Made with Antetype
Antetype is the best, most productive tool for UI design I have ever used. It does everything, from websites to mobile apps, and it's just unbelievable how much time it saves me. There is simply no better tool out there if you're serious about UI design.
Luca Candela, Product Manager at DataPad
Antetype lets me try out ideas fast and iterate even faster. It's especially useful in large, long-running projects, where I can build up a comprehensive collection of widgets that can be used, reused and refined over time. If I make a change to a widget, that change happens everywhere, even in designs I made weeks or months ago. Brilliant!
Brendan Donohoe, Design Lead at twitter
I always thought using Photoshop for UI design was silly. But after using Antetype, I see that I was wrong. It's not silly. It's laugh out loud ridiculously absurd. Stop using a photo editing app for screen design and start using Antetype, made specifically for UI designers by UI designers.
Ben Dansby, UX Designer at LOYAL3
I've found Antetype to be a really clever tool. And refining a design from a loose idea to a polished prototype is what Antetype's widgets are made for: change a property, update the widget and presto, every instance is up to date.
Henrik Eneroth, UX Designer at antrop