ANTETYPE Private Beta update 2 Now Available

We fixed many bugs and added some great new features to the Private Beta. Make sure to run the automatic update from the application menu or if you haven’t installed the app yet, register for our newsletter to get a download link.

Now, check out what’s new…

Shared Library Updater

The most important change is a mechanism to update the shared library with new predefined look and feels and widgets. We added a Mac OS X look and feel and new widgets and states, especially for iOS. If you have created new look and feels and widgets and added them to the shared library, they will still exist after the update, because we merge our new shared library with yours. However, changes you made to predefined widgets will be overwritten, because we update them with new versions. The widgets will remain untouched in your project files so you will still be able to use and re-update them to the shared library. But we suggest that if you want to make changes to predefined widgets, it is better to make duplicates and apply your changes. So, if you start ANTETYPE after the update, you will be asked whether to merge the shared library, to simply use the new one or to skip the update. If you choose to merge, your existing library will be backed up in the folder Application Support > Antetype, so you won’t loose anything if you merge.

iPad Mail Example

We added a new examples file that can be opened frome the help menu. It shows how to rebuild the iPad Mail app’s landscape and portrait view using ANTETYPE and its unique layout and visual design features. We also added some simple interactions like switching mail entries and opening fly-out menus.

New Shapes

Now, there is no more need, to create your arrows in Photoshop or simulate circles with rounded corners. In addition to rectangles you can now use native circles and triangles in ANTETYPE. Of course you have the same styling options as with rectangles and you can nest other elements within the new shapes.

Performance Boost

Speed has been greatly improved. Almost everything is faster and snappier: Dragging widgets to the canvas, dynamic layouting, updating widgets and the shared library, etc.

More Features and Fixes

  • Editing texts is much easier now. Double-clicking on widgets or cells will always select the text if available, independent of the hierarchy.
  • We added a “collapse” property: The element is not visible and does not affect the layout, if set to collapse.
  • Selection indication has been improved. Handles are not shown anymore if elements can’t be resized, due to layout constraints.
  • We added an option to export vector based PDFs for screens and selected elements.
  • We added support for Quick Look and Spotlight
  • We added progress dialogs for time consuming operations like opening documents and starting the presentation mode.
  • Multiple selection indication of the style inspector has been improved for the gradient, image and slider controls.
  • Elements can now be copied and pasted between two documents. The only limitation is that copied widgets have to be in the shared library if they are pasted to another document.
  • The keyboard navigation in the style inspector has been fixed.
  • The web viewer now loads faster: Only the project look and feel is loaded initially, others are loaded on demand, when they are selected.
  • The widget library thumbnail can now be updated manually if the automatic updating does not work correctly.
  • No more crashes with the text ruler.
  • No more crashes when changing the screen, while text edit mode is still active.
  • No more crashes when selecting and deleting a parent and child at one go.

We hope you like the update, keep on testing and provide more feedback on

Tim and the ANTETYPE team

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