Android 4.0 Widgets

UPDATE: Antetype 1.3 contains our latest widget sets including the latest Android Widgets and Templates.

ANTETYPE 1.1.5 brought you the latest Look&Feels of iOS, Mac OS X and Windows as well as Android 2.3. Today we upgrade your design toolbox with a complete Android 4.0 Widget Kit for ANTETYPE.

The kit includes everything you need to get started with Android 4.0 app design. If you studied the Android Design Guidelines by Google, you will be very familiar with the controls available in our kit. Everything has been designed according to guidelines. All widgets are available in both the Holo Light and Holo Dark color scheme and their respective states.

Except the icons, everything is completely build with the power and design capabilities of ANTETYPE!


⤓ Download the Android 4.0 Widget Kit


New Widgets

Phone and Tablet Mock-Ups

The kit provides you with a phone and tablet mock-up, completely build in ANTETYPE, to host your screen designs. Very useful for presentations!

Action Bar, Navigation Bar, Tab Bars, Toolbars

The Android Action Bar is available in multiple color schemes and states. The template includes the normal as well as the contextual mode. You can also add a Navigation Bar for devices with virtual hardkeys, such as the Galaxy Nexus.

List Elements

List elements are available in multiple styles. The kit includes examples for single-line and multi-line list items as well as items with icons, contact pictures or other custom elements.


The kit includes all button styles. With all icon and label combinations.


Pixel precise keyboards for portrait and landscape mode, for both phones and tablets of course!


Our templates includes the new Android 4.0 switches, radio buttons and checkboxes in all possible states.

Overlays and Datepickers

You can use overlays and datepickers for modal dialogs.


Together with the switches, you can build everything from simple logins to complex forms for data driven applications.

Spinners, Sliders, Progressbars

The kit contains sliders and progressbars that nicely integrate into your form and list layouts.

And More

Android 4.0 Standard Icons, Contacts, Grids, Scrollbars, Colors, Textures, Layouts …

Installation Instructions

There is no real installation required. Once you unzipped the package, make sure to install the included Roboto Font first, if you haven’t yet. This ensures that the texts are rendered correctly. Open the Antetype file and switch to Widget Inspector. You will see a new Look&Feel named “Android 4.0″.  Click the red arrow and select “Send L&F to Shared Library”. The new widgets are now available for your design projects. You can either start from scratch and create a new project where you select the Android 4.0 L&F or modify and extend our template file.


⤓ Download the Android 4.0 Widget Kit

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