Antetype 1.1.5 is Here!

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Antetype 1.1.5 is now available for free for all Antetype customers. We worked hard to make Antetype more reliable and to improve its design and prototyping capabilities.

If you tried Antetype before but your 30 days trial expired, grab this license file to give Antetype another shot! Simply download, unzip and double click!

Updated Look & Feels

We updated all of our default Look & Feels and Widgets to reflect the latest appearances of Android 2.3, iOS and Mac OS X. There are also some new widgets like message dialogs, trees, progress bars and segmented controls for you to try. Great Android 4.0 widgets are coming in the next days as a free download for everyone :) .

Retina Output

Pixelgraphics can now be exported in multiples of your design’s resolution. This is perfect for supporting the retina displays of the latest iOS devices and the new Macbook Pro!

Improved background graphics

Images can now be scaled proportionally inside cells, so that you can have them fit to the bounds of a cell, but without distorting their appearance.

Improved Cell Rendering

We added new features to influence the cell rendering. You can now use the z-Index property to exactly specify the painting order within an automatic layout container. Additionally, you can make cells break their layout by checking the “Paint Above All” property. This can be useful when designing pop-ups of combo boxes and menus.

Smarter Cell Grouping

The group feature now intelligently adapts to the layout of the cells to group.

Improved Text Tools

You can align your texts better by now specifying a line height within the Style Inspector.

Optimized Web and iOS Export

You can now select individual screens and Look & Feels inside the export dialog, to reduce the footprint of your exports and increase performance.

Context Menu

We added extensive context menu support for direct manipulation within the Screen Inspector and on the canvas.

Export CSS Code

You can now copy the styles of your cells as CSS code. Simply use the context or edit menu to copy the CSS and paste it into your favorite IDE. We support the latest CSS3 features to ease the transition from design to implementation.

Improved iOS viewer

Our iOS viewer has become faster, more reliable and pixel perfect. We now support retina resolutions to give your designs a perfectly crisp look.
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Besides all these great new features, we fixed many minor issues and inconveniences. We like to thank all of our customers and supporters for their great feedback. This is what allows us to make Antetype a better design tool for all of us.

For a complete list of changes, please see the Antetype 1.1.5 post on Getsatisfaction!

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