Antetype 1.1.6 Update

Antetype 1.1.6 is now freely available for all customers through our build-in update function or via our website. We incorporated a lot of feedback regarding the 1.1.5 release in the beginning of this month.

If you tried Antetype before but your 30 days trial expired, you can still grab this license file to give Antetype another shot! Simply download, unzip and double click!

Improved Resource Handling

You can now filter and remove unused resources in the Resource Inspector.

Improved WebViewer

The WebViewer now has a fullscreen mode.

Improved Copy CSS

Copy CSS now supports alpha values and RGBA Colors. The property order has also been improved.

Mountain Lion Support

We are now ready for the new Gatekeeper feature in OS X Mountain Lion.

Smarter Inspectors

We improved the behavior of our Inspectors in multi document operation and made editing of some properties more intuitive.

We would like to thank our great customers, who provided us with highly appreciated feedback and fresh ideas to improve ANTETYPE.

Please see our Getsatisfaction space for a complete list of changes in 1.1.6.

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