Announcing ANTETYPE 1.1.8

The latest update to ANTETYPE is version 1.1.8. In this new release we have updated the way colors are input, managed, stored and exported, in addition there are many bugs fixes and we have dropped support for OS X 10.6. … Continue reading

Updating Color Management in ANTETYPE

This article deals with some of the upcoming changes to ANTETYPE with regard to Color Management, the rationale behind them and the consequences of these changes. A new version of ANTETYPE will soon be released that supports consistent displaying of … Continue reading

ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X – update 1.1.8

UPDATE: New Version available (1.4.1) with up / down arrow and scroll support. The ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X was first launched in July 2010 to provide an improved Color Picker for OS X. The Color Picker features inputs for simultaneously … Continue reading