Announcing ANTETYPE 1.1.8

The latest update to ANTETYPE is version 1.1.8. In this new release we have updated the way colors are input, managed, stored and exported, in addition there are many bugs fixes and we have dropped support for OS X 10.6.

This post contains more details about the release.

ANTETYPE 1.1.8Color Management 

This release has taken a bit longer than expected but it includes some very important updates to the way that color is managed in ANTETYPE.

Installing the Color Picker

The new ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X can now be installed from inside ANTETYPE – from the Preferences panel. If you have previously installed the ANTETYPE Color Picker you will find it will be automatically upgraded the first time ANTETYPE 1.1.8 is run.

ANTETYPE Color Preferences - INSTALL Color Picker

Retina Graphics

All graphics within the application are now provided with retina versions to improve the experience on retina devices.

Supporting 10.7+

ANTETYPE 1.1.8 requires OS X version 10.7 (Lion) or higher. The changes required for accurate color management mean that we have unfortunately had to drop support for OS X 10.6.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Mouse-out & subsequent mouse-enter events were not called in expected order between two cells in presentation mode. The mouse-out event is now called before entering the second cell and triggering mouse-enter.
  • Tabbing in the style inspector can be unpredictable – the tabbing is now predictable moving in the expected order down the screen.
  • The UI was sometimes not indicating when an instance of a widget had different properties to the widget definition and only highlighting the difference when other properties were changed.
  • Copy/Paste of widget instances with embedded widgets would break the embedded-widget relationship.
  • Expand / Collapse on the Style Inspector disables some fields.
  • State change of widget in shrink freelayout container produces unexpected result – problem report
  • Exception when you exit the app in presentation mode
  • Crash Reporter not working for OS X 10.8.x
  • Crash after copying a collapsed child cell
  • Crash when setting underline from Font Dialog in a Text Cell

The bug fixes and changes in ANTETYPE 1.1.8 are the last in the 1.1.x line of ANTETYPE and we are now actively working on version 1.2 of which more to follow.

The update will be installed automatically from the update function with ANTETYPE alternately you can download ANTETYPE again from the website.

Have you installed ANTETYPE 1.1.8 yet? Any feedback? Is the lack of support for OS X 10.6 a problem? Please tell us in the comments.

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