ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X – update 1.1.8

UPDATE: New Version available (1.4.1) with up / down arrow and scroll support.

The ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X was first launched in July 2010 to provide an improved Color Picker for OS X.

The Color Picker features inputs for simultaneously viewing and editing the values for Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Red, Green, Blue & HEX values.

The main visual component of the Color Picker is the saturation vs brightness Grid which shows all the possible variations of saturation and brightness with a particular Hue value. There is also a Hue slider to pick a Hue value visually, which in turn updates the saturation / brightness grid.

This latest update to the Color Picker contains a collection of bug fixes that have been discovered while working on ANTETYPE version 1.1.8. Most of the changes are behind the scenes but will result in a more consistent user experience.

ANTETYPE version 1.1.8 will automatically upgrade your existing Color Picker when it is released in the next couple of weeks, using this download you can install the ANTETYPE Color Picker without needing to install ANTETYPE.

The main focus of the ANTETYPE 1.1.8 release is Color Management (of which more to follow) which has helped us identify some issues with the ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X.

  • Full support for applications that require that the Color Picker does not continuously update the value as it is changed.
  • Various inconsistency bugs fixes related to rounding errors when changing HSB or RGB values.
  • Use only of sRGB color space to make matching with browsers and mobile devices simple and consistent.
  • All Colors are converted to sRGB color space once viewed in the ANTETYPE Color Picker.

Update: We have discovered a couple of issues for 10.7 (Lion) users and for 32 bit programs and have issued an updated version 1.1.8c.

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ (Lion, Mountain Lion) runs in 32 bit and 64 bit mode

Download ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X version 1.1.8c

Updated: Download ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X version 1.3.1

To install the color picker, copy the extracted AntetypeColorPicker.colorPicker file to the “Library/ColorPickers/” folder, either of your user account or the system.

Do you require more features in a Color Picker for OS X? Please tell us in the comments and we will see if we can include any requests for the next update of the Color Picker.

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