ANTETYPE – Early Access Program

The release of ANTETYPE 1.2.0 is due in mid to late March, development has progressed well and we are into the final stages of development.

We would like to offer access to preview versions of the upcoming release, via an Early Access Program (EAP).

The Open Door by EricMagnuson, on Flickr

EAP versions will not have been through the same level of testing as the stable version and come with no support or guarantees of stability, so use the EAP version with care.

You are able to run the EAP version of ANTETYPE alongside the stable version of ANTETYPE.

We suggest that you make your own backup before you open any existing files in the EAP version of ANTETYPE.

NOTE: When opening existing atype files in the EAP version, these files will sometimes be automatically converted to the EAP format, and you will no longer able to edit the files in the stable version until the EAP version is released. Also please remember that when the conversion happens the original is placed in the Trash so that it can be restored in the case of mistakes.

The EAP version uses a separate Shared Library so please remember any widgets in your normal shared library will not be available in the EAP version, and any created in the EAP shared library will not be available in the stable shared library.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Early Access Program please sign up for our mailing list and indicate that you would like to be part of the Early Access Program.

NOTE: If you are already on our mailing list – please use the same form and enter your existing email address – you will then be given the opportunity to update your preferences.

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