Next up for ANTETYPE (version 1.2.x)

With version 1.1.8 of ANTETYPE released into the wild, we are now beavering away at version 1.2.

Listening to our users we have heard that the following two use cases could be greatly improved in ANTETYPE and they are the focus for version 1.2.

N.B. Development of version 1.2 is ongoing and this post provides no details about solutions but an overview of the use cases that are the focus of our development. If you have any views on these subjects now is an oppertunity to help us refine these use cases.

USE CASE 1 : Editing resources in 3rd party software

Currently if you would like to edit a resource stored in ANTETYPE in a 3rd party application, you need to go through a number of steps:

  1. From the Resource Inspector select the resource right click and export it to a directory of your choosing
  2. Use Finder to open the resource in the app of your choice.
  3. Edit the resource and save the changes
  4. Reimport the resource into ANTETYPE
  5. Choose to replace the existing resource of the same name so that all occurrences of the resource will be updated with the changes.

We think we can make this process simpler and more enjoyable for the user.

USE CASE 2 : Creation of style guides and specifications

Currently the creation of style guides and specifications is a manual and tedious job.

For widget specifications we recommend creating a new screen and putting several instances of the widget on the screen in each different state. Then using either custom widgets or text cells annotate the screen manually with any extra information about colors, fonts and sizes. The resulting screen can be then exported and placed inside a specification document.

For screen specifications and annotations we recommend exporting the screen from ANTETYPE and annotating with 3rd party applications.

We think that we can improve this use case too and have some ideas of how we can simplify the process of writing style guides and specifications.

Waiting for 1.2

Our aim is for development to be completed at the end of February and available for general release in March.

In addition to these use cases we will be including numerous bug fixes, so if you have any problems with version 1.1.8 please take the opportunity to tell us.

What do you think? Are these use cases familiar to you? Any suggestions for how to solve them?

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