ANTETYPE Color Picker for OS X – new version 1.2.0

UPDATE: New Version available (1.4.1) with up / down arrow and scroll support. We have made some small updates to the Color Picker in ANTETYPE 1.2.0, those members of our Early Access Program will already have the update installed but if you are … Continue reading

Selection rubber bands – Preview 1.2.0

A small but useful update in ANTETYPE 1.2.0 is the introduction of a selection rubber band that can be used to identify other cells that are to be used a targets when setting up interactions or data binding. The existing selector … Continue reading

Markup a screen, present notes – 1.2.0 Preview

With ANTETYPE 1.2 specifications can be generated for widgets. To compliment the widget specifications we have added some new widgets to assist in the markup of screens, for presentations or specification output. There are two new measure widgets that can be … Continue reading

Property Binding – 1.2.0 Preview

In ANTETYPE 1.2.0 we will introduce a new feature called property binding primarily to support the new widget specification features of ANTETYPE. The implementation is not complete and with property binding in ANTETYPE 1.2.0 we will only supporting binding to … Continue reading

Generating a specification for a widget – 1.2.0 Preview

This post is another in a series of posts previewing the features we are releasing in version 1.2.0 of ANTETYPE. The focus of this post is on the new features we have implemented to support creating specifications of widgets. In … Continue reading

Editing resources in 3rd party software – 1.2.0 Preview

In a previous post I previewed the two use cases that we planned to tackle in version 1.2.0 of ANTETYPE. Now that development has progressed I provide can more details of the solutions we have built for each of the … Continue reading