Markup a screen, present notes – 1.2.0 Preview

With ANTETYPE 1.2 specifications can be generated for widgets. To compliment the widget specifications we have added some new widgets to assist in the markup of screens, for presentations or specification output.


There are two new measure widgets that can be used either as free measures to show the size of elements on screen or in combination with Property Binding they can be bound to the size of screen elements.

Another new widget is the note widget which can be used to annotate a screen with notes about the design. A note widget has two components a number and the text of the note, and by adding a click interaction the visibility of text of the note can be toggled in presentation mode.

In addition to property binding the widgets use a new property that has been added to the Display section of the Style Inspector called “Specification Cell”. When the “Specification Cell” property is set the display of a cell or widget can be toggled in editing or presentation modes. The display of Specification Cells can also be toggled when images are exported from ANTETYPE so images can be exported with or without Specification markup.

This post is in a series previewing ANTETYPE 1.2.0, expect more over the coming days.

If you would like to sign up for to our Early Access Program you can access preview versions of our upcoming releases and a preview version of 1.2.0 is currently available for current EAP Members.


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