Providing your email address in Crash Reports

In the crash reports for Antetype there is an option to include your email address when reporting a Crash in Antetype. We would really encourage everyone to pass on their email address when reporting a crash as this enables us … Continue reading

Guest Post: Photoshop is not a page layout tool

The following is a guest post, written by Ben Dansby, with his point of view on using photoshop to design and layout apps. You can follow ben on twitter @bendansby. Photoshop is not a page layout app I recently presented … Continue reading

Updates to our support portal – logins to track case progress and history

Our new support portal is only a few weeks old, but we are happy to announce a requested update: You can now login to see your history of questions and cases, re-open cases and interact with use directly for private … Continue reading

New website – feedback welcome

To coincide with the release of the 1.2.0 version of Antetype and our new support site we have released a set of updates to our website. The aim of the changes is to communicate better what Antetype does and how it will improve … Continue reading

Grid layouts & bootstrap

UPDATE: Antetype 1.3 now includes templates for Bootstrap layouts and widgets – Bootstrap 3 widgets and examples are available in our community. Following a tweet last week about bootstrap I have done a little investigation into the various aspects of … Continue reading

Feedback always welcome – helping us improve Antetype

Now that Antetype 1.2.0 is out of the door we are beginning the development work on version 1.3 (more information on this soon), but we are also starting to plan what will come in Antetype 1.4. Would  you help us … Continue reading

Supporting things differently:

With the launch of Antetype 1.2.0 we are also updating the way we provide support for our users. We have previously offered support mostly via our pages at, but we would like to now introduce a new support site … Continue reading

Announcing ANTETYPE 1.2.0

Finally we are proud to announce the release of Antetype 1.2.0. This new release contains many changes which are outlined in this blog post. At the start of the development phase for 1.2.0 we outlined the two use cases that we … Continue reading