Announcing ANTETYPE 1.2.0

Finally we are proud to announce the release of Antetype 1.2.0. This new release contains many changes which are outlined in this blog post.

At the start of the development phase for 1.2.0 we outlined the two use cases that we wanted to enhance with 1.2.0 namely:

  • Editing resources in 3rd party software
  • Creation of style guides and specifications

We are happy with the solutions we have put in place to enhance these workflows and hope you are too, you can find out more in these preview posts:

As a result of these changes there have been a couple of new features that have been introduced as “by-products”:

A selection of videos have been made regarding these changes you can find them all on our vimeo pages. Here is the video about property binding:

We have also responded to a number of enhancement requests in 1.2.0 namely:

  • Add search field to the screen inspector
  • Set clipping off as default for groups
  • The Color Picker now works continuously, but only in sRGB
  • The interaction selector window retains the position it was previously in and is not always centred
  • Change interaction types and keep the same target
  • Add a search field to the interaction selector
  • Added @2x option to export dialogs – always export at 72 DPI, @2x images at 144 DPI and twice as big
  • Trial licences will automatically be extended by 15 days for each new release
  • Cut and Paste now working with MS Office apps

And the release includes many bug fixes of which here is a selection:

  • horizontal layout is triggered after circle border change
  • made sure paint-above-all honors parent visibility
  • widget with triangle in different states unusable
  • Web viewer interaction: mouse move changes screen
  • Duplicating Screen does not work if a cell is selected
  • Drag and drop inside a widget was making basic cells

You can read more about the bug fixes in the release notes.

To enjoy 1.2.0 you can let Antetype autoupdate next time you start it or you can manually download it from the download page.

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