Providing your email address in Crash Reports

In the crash reports for Antetype there is an option to include your email address when reporting a Crash in Antetype.

We would really encourage everyone to pass on their email address when reporting a crash as this enables us firstly to ask follow up questions about the cause of a crash, but also to tell you when the cause of the crash has been identified, fixed and when the fix is released.

Antetype can automatically fill in your email address using the My Card setup in Contacts.

If you do not already have setup in Contacts you can select the card you would like to use and then choose “Make this my card” from the Card menu.

To access this card Antetype needs permission to access your contacts, Antetype may have already asked for this permission but it was denied as it was not clear why Antetype needed to access your address book.

If you have denied permission for Antetype to access your contacts you can update this from System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy. On this tab you can ensure that Antetype has permission to access your contacts.

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