Supporting things differently:

With the launch of Antetype 1.2.0 we are also updating the way we provide support for our users.

We have previously offered support mostly via our pages at, but we would like to now introduce a new support site that is more than just a forum:

From this site you are able to search not only the wealth of discussions from the getsatisfaction forum, but also we are adding the help documentation to the site and will add articles related to common questions and issues too.

We would like to encourage all new discussions to happen on because behind the scenes we have enhanced tools to manage and track any questions and make sure that requests, bugs and questions are followed up.

In addition to the site we also have a new support email address:

Emails sent to this address are also tracked to ensure that we follow up on requests.

When you have a question, bug report, idea or problem you now have three options to contact us you can either:

  • Ask the community – this is a public question and is open for all to comment on, but will also be answered by one of us.
  • Contact Us – this is a private question and can have attachments but will only be visible by the Antetype team.
  • Email us at – this is the same as using the contact Us for from above.

Comments made that include @antetype on twitter or comments made on our facebook profile are also tracked in our support system so there are many ways that you can contact us and know that we will get back to you.

Please tell us what you think of this approach and use the site to help us improve Antetype and our support.

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