Replacing Fireworks

UPDATED: For even more reasons to look to Antetype as a Fireworks replacement – please  read about Antetype 1.3

Adobe this week announced that they will not proceed further Fireworks development. This will lead many designers to look for a replacement tool. We think that Antetype is a great alternative to the aging software that never got much attention from Adobe. It offers features tailored to support the UX design workflow from wireframing to specification. Here are some Antetype highlights for Fireworks users:

Widgets and Look and Feels
Widgets are more flexible than in Fireworks and can be stored in different appearances. Widgets can contain other widgets and therefore be used to create complex master pages. Antetype widgets can be updated at any time on multiple screens and even multiple projects.


Vector-Based Visual Design
Antetype provides all the tools you need to design hi-fi prototypes. If at all, you will only need to switch to other apps for creating complex branding graphics or icons. Editing elements in 3rd party apps is straightforward. Open from Antetype save and go back. All instances of the graphic will be updated. For everything else, Antetype gives you all the visual design features like multi-color gradient, drop-shadow, inner shadow, text shadow, rounded corners, border styles, etc.

Components of an Antetype Widget

Dynamic Layout
Antetype goes beyond the known concept of static design tools like Fireworks or Photoshop. We offer a range of layout modes that allow you to create highly flexible and dynamic layouts. You will never have to nudge objects manually over and over again. Dynamic layout makes you much more productive and lets you try out different screen sizes without any extra work.

Copy CSS and Export Graphics
You can copy CSS code for any element designed in Antetype and paste it to your text-editor. This is especially useful for gradients and shadows. Or export elements as a graphic, even with multi-selection. Thanks to the vector graphics you can export different resolutions for Retina screens and other resolutions. We made the new Antetype website this way and it is a huge time saver.

More features
The latest release of Antetype added easy specification generation and property bindings. This makes UI specification quicker and more precise. Furthermore, Antetype lets you manage graphical assets used in you project. For example you can just import all needed icons at the beginning and update them later. You just have to replace the file once to change all instances.

We are aware that Fireworks users will miss certain features – like bezier shapes or grids – because they are either not yet implemented or handled differently. Some of these features are planned for future releases. Make sure to watch the tutorial videos and look at the example files to better understand Antetype’s unique concepts.

We want to make Antetype the best design tool available and provide the best alternative for Fireworks.

If you haven’t yet – please download the 30 day trial of Antetype, and contact us with any questions.

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