iOS 7 Templates and Widgets

UPDATE: Antetype 1.3 includes templates and widgets for iOS 7  for iPhone and iPad. We are happy to provide a comprehensive widget set for making iOS 7 UI designs. You’ll also find complete screen templates for Mail, Messages and Settings. … Continue reading

Replacing Fireworks or Doing Better?

A lot has been written about Adobe discontinuing Fireworks and how to fill the gap. What can be used to replace Fireworks? Photoshop, Sketch, Acorn, Pixelmator or Antetype? We think Fireworks was a good tool for web and UI designers, … Continue reading

User viewpoint: How I design a new prototype from scratch with Antetype

This is guest post by Christian Kaspari who is a Senior User Experience Designer at Ergosign with his points of view about the way he starts designing prototypes using Antetype. How I design a new prototype from scratch with Antetype My first steps … Continue reading

Designing a Cookbook with Antetype – Session 5 – Interaction

The fifth episode of our video podcast explains the interaction fetaures of Antetype. Learn how to switch screens, change states and show/hide elements in presentation mode and web viewer. This video podcast describes how to make visually detailed and interactive … Continue reading