Upcoming in Antetype 1.3

With version 1.2 of ANTETYPE released into the wild, we are now beavering away at two new releases: 1.2.1 and 1.3.0.

1.2.1 is a bug fix release for reported issues with 1.2.0 and will be available in a few weeks (already previewed if you are in the Early Access Program).

Development of version 1.3 is ongoing so this post does not provide details but an overview of the use cases that are the focus of our development.

Blueprint by Mirandala, on Flickr

Listening to our users and feedback from people who have tried Antetype we have found that getting started with Antetype can be confusing. We are aiming to improve the following use cases in 1.3 to make things simpler for users when starting a new project:

USE CASE 1 : Starting a new design

Currently when starting a new project within Antetype a user always begins with a blank document. To add widgets to that document a user must either use the shared library or cut and paste widgets from previous documents or an example document from our website.

To drag widgets into a document is currently difficult if you are using a hierarchy that has cells with horizontal or vertical layouts. It is easiest currently to drag the widget on to the document and then place it in the correct place in the hierarchy using the Screen Inspector. If you are using a Free layout this is easier, but if there is a hierarchy in place you may still need to use the Screen Inspector to get the exact placement.

We think we can make this experience better, although we don’t have a complete solution for this use case yet, we think we can improve how widgets are added to a document and hierarchy and perhaps provide templates to make the start of a project easier.

What do you think we could do to make starting a project easier?

USE CASE 2 : Making modifications to cells and widgets

Currently the style inspector includes many options for changing the properties of a cell. The options are grouped, and the groups can be expanded or collapsed to ease navigation of the options but the list can be exhausting to navigate.

Some of the properties that are commonly changed are in different places within the Style Inspector and often the Style Inspector must be scrolled to jump from one change to the next, especially if you are not using a large display.

We think that we can better support users making common changes to their documents by making common options easier to access and reduce the number of clicks and scrolls required to make changes.

What are the common properties you change? How could we improve the experience of making common modifications?

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