Antetype 1.3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release on Antetype 1.3.1.

This is a bug fix release only, we have a separate post which details the larger changes in Antetype 1.3.0.

Bug Fixes:

  • AT–1823 Export Selected Cell not working for nested cells without clipping
  • AT–1824 Drag an inspector from the inspector dock and it disappears
  • AT–1826 Stretch height % in Size Style Editor would take minimum value when that was larger than current value – results in invalid %
  • AT–1827 Antetype window lost focus when color picker takes color from another app & Color Picker gives Black screen in OS X10.7.5
  • Fixed various bugs in templates
  • AT–1828 Combo box in text bar should not open the window upon first click
  • AT–1826 Zoom to width doesn’t centre the screen if the screen is not selected.

You can download this version from or check for updates in your app.

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