Antetype 1.3

After 6 months of development we are proud to release Antetype 1.3.0.

Antetype 1.3 contains many new enhancements and bug fixes and is available now as a free upgrade. You can download it directly – or use Check For Updates… in the Antetype menu.

This post serves as an overview of the changes – in the coming days we will post more details for you about the details of each of the changes. We will update this post with relevant links to other as they are added.

Document & Screen Templates

The first noticeable change when starting Antetype 1.3 is the Template Chooser that is presented to help you start a new document, load a recent document or open an existing document.

Antetype 1.3. Template Chooser

There are a number of categories and within each category a number of templates – expect new templates in future release but do keep an eye on our community site for more inspiration.

Read more about Document & Screen Templates.

Learn how to add your own custom document and screen templates.

Getting Started Guide

The first template presented to new users is the Getting Started template which we have designed to give a quick (less than 5 minutes) introduction to the key concepts of Antetype.

Antetype 1.3 Getting Started Template

Smart Dragging

smartdragWe have removed the nest mode in Antetype 1.3 and instead created a whole new way to move, re-arrange and re-layout your designs that happens as you drag cells and widgets around a screen.

It is hard to demonstrate in a static image – you’ll need to try it yourself, but smart dragging reduces the time taken to re-order your hierarchy, add new items to the hierarchy and play with different layout ideas.

Read more about Smart Dragging.

Style bar & Text bar

To further speed up the process of designing a screen we have added two alternatives to the Style Inspector that are available under the normal Toolbar. These are the style bar and text bar.


 With a glance you can review the key styling information about a selected item. Pop-up windows appear to enable you to focus on editing styling aspects of your design, and disappear when you want to review your changes.

Read more about the Style bar.

Read more about the new Style Editors.

Read more about the new Text bar.

Status bar

At the bottom of the screen we have also added a status bar. This is the new home of the zoom control, but also holds a path component to provide information about the current selection and its parent components in the hierarchy.


The path control can also be used to change the current selection (select a parent or try a ctrl-click), highlight objects (⌥), change screen (ctrl-click on screen name) or rename the selected item (double click).

Read more about the Status Bar.

In-Place Presentation

inplace To speed up the testing and editing of widgets in different states and interaction objects that are normally hidden or collapsed we have added a new presentation mode – Present In-Place.

When Present In-Place is started a new tool is enabled by default that allows you to interact with your screen as if it was in a Full Screen Presentation. For example when the mouse moves over a widget you can see the mouse-over state, when a click happens you can see the pressed state. During an In-Place presentation you can change to normal selection mode to edit your design while it is in the altered state.

Shared Library / Look & Feels

We have decided to change how we distribute widgets and rather than include them in a shared library for each release we will now provide them in separate templates or via our community site . This means Antetype now ships with an empty shared library, containing a single Look & Feel called Antetype.

By default the ability to use the Shared Library and the Look & Feel Selector is now switched off in Antetype. This can be enabled again via a preference panel.

Other changes

There are a host of other changes that have been included in Antetype 1.3, but to keep this post as short as possible we will only list them for now – look to other posts to expand on the details.

  • New Color Editor
  • Support for OS X Color Palettes
  • Faster Screen Switching
  • Performance updates for loading resources
  • JPEG export
  • Updated context menu
  • New default toolbar & new toolbar items
  • Re-organised View menu
  • Reset / Reload presentations
  • Improved Scrolling
  • Presentation mode zooming
  • Trackpad and mouse zooming
  • Spacebar pan mode
  • Prefixes on screen exports
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layout support for percentage stretching
  • Single state selection by default

Read More about the smaller changes in Antetype 1.3.

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