Navigation changes – Antetype 1.3

In Antetype 1.3 we have updated the ways that you interact with and navigate documents.

This post reviews the updates to navigation in Antetype 1.3 and reveals some hidden features that can speed up productivity.

Widget single state selection as default

One of the most noticeable changes in Antetype for long time users is that the default state selection has changed.

Prior to 1.3 each time a selection was changed Antetype would re-select all the states of a widget. This meant that changes to properties would be applied to all the states of the widget. This was confusing because on the design canvas only a single state of the widget is shown, but changes were being applied to all the hidden states too. The majority of the time a user normally works on a single state but Antetype was always changing the selection back to all states. The default to all states was frustrating, especially if the user hasn’t noticed the change and then applied a change to multiple states by mistake.

To improve the experience, especially for new users, we have changed the default selection to be the active state of the widget. When you want to modify all states of a widget you can change the selection using the state control in Style bar or the States selector in the Style Inspector.

Canvas operations work on all states

For some operations it makes sense to work on all states of a widget we have identified the following operations:

  • Changing the position of a widget
  • Changing the size of a widget
  • Changing the text of a widget

Style Inspector - State Selector

These operations can all be performed directly on the design canvas and when performed on the canvas the changes will be applied to all states of a widget regardless of the active state of the widget.
Should you have reason to make changes to any of these properties on a state by state basis this is possible from the Style inspector.


Another change to navigation in Antetype 1.3 is that the Spacebar can now be used to pan the canvas.


Two finger scrolling with a trackpad is also supported.

New Zooming options

Two new zoom options have been added in Antetype 1.3 to enable you to zoom to the width or full screen size. These options can be accessed from the View Menu > Zoom or from the zoom drop down in the status bar.

  • ^⌘0 Zoom to width
  • ⇧⌘0 – Zoom to screen
  • ⌘0 – Actual size

Pinch to zoom

Another change in Antetype 1.3 is that you can now use the two finger pinch gesture on a trackpad to zoom. When you zoom with a trackpad the focus of the zoom will be the position of the mouse pointer.

Keyboard zoom to selected element

Keyboard zooming works with the same shortcuts as before (⌘+ & ⌘-) the only change now is that the zooming will now be centred around the selected element(s).

Presentation mode zooming

All of the changes to zooming that have been outlined in this document are also available in presentation mode.

Presentation mode will now remember across screens your preference for zooming, so if you choose fit to width – all screens will fit to width or if you choose 134% then all screens will be at 134%.

This post is part of a series of posts about Antetype 1.3.

2 Responses to Navigation changes – Antetype 1.3

  • The radio buttons to the left of the different States don’t appear in the version of Antetype that I just downloaded – (as shown in the Canvas operations work on all states” above)

    I have a project where a mouseover hint will appear when an icon is moused-over, making the icon larger. Is this possible in Antetype?

    • Hi Will yes this is possible – but this post is quite old referring to version 1.3 of Antetype and the latest version (1.5.1) has a different interface with respect to states.

      We have 50 minutes of video tutorials available at and I think you will find the getting started and widgets tutorials to be beneficent with your problem.

      Furthermore – please visit for more support and to post problems and questions – you will find a quicker response time there too.

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