Status Bar – Antetype 1.3

A status bar has been added to the editing window in Antetype 1.3 to provide at-a-glance information about the design, but it offers other ways to speed up your workflow.

This post explains all the functions of the new status bar and uncovers a non-obvious functions.


A key aim of Antetype 1.3 has been to enable designers to maintain focus on their design and reduce the need to move to other windows to review and change details of a design. The status bar has been added to provide at a glance information about the current selected element and its place in the hierarchy of the document.

Status Bar with Hierarchy in Antetype 1.3

From the icons in the above status bar we can see the following:

  • TreeScreen Screen – this is the name of the screen
  • TreeCell Settings – this is a basic rectangle cell and is at the top of the hierarchy
  • TreeWidgetContentCell List Container – this icon shows that this is a widget that contains other widgets
  • TreeWidget List Entry with Icon – this is an instance of a widget
  • TreeWidgetCell Icon – this is is a cell within a widget
  • TreeWidgetCell Rectangle – this is a cell within a widget

If the names of elements in the status bar do not directly mean anything to you, you can use the ⌥ modifier while performing a mouse-over on the status bar to highlight the parent elements in the hierarchy.

Status Bar Highlighting targets


The status bar can also be used to navigate the hierarchy of your document.

Simply ctrl-click on any of the elements in the status bar to see a list of the child elements, as you mouse over the child elements they are highlighted in the document.
Selecting an element from the list will then change the selection to that element.

Status Bar - Changing Navigation

The same technique can also be used to navigate screens too. If you ctrl click on the screen name you will see a list of the screens in the document – choosing a screen from this list will then navigate to the selected screen.

Renaming elements

The status bar can also be used to rename an element – simply double click on the element in the status bar and you can edit the name of the element.

Status Bar - rename element

Zoom options

In addition to the hierarchy, navigation and renaming options provided by the status bar on the right of the bar is a zoom control.

This control offers all the options that were previously available but also supports two new options:

  • Fit to width – will zoom so that the width of screen fills the window
  • Fit to screen – will zoom so that the whole screen fills the window


This post is part of a series of posts about Antetype 1.3.

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