Document & Screen Templates – Antetype 1.3

Antetype 1.3 comes with a set of predefined templates and widget sets.

Template Chooser

When creating a new document in Antetype 1.3 the only route is via the Template Chooser. When starting Antetype or by choosing new from the file menu (CMD N) you will see the Template Chooser.

Antetype 1.3. Template Chooser

Templates within the template chooser are split into categories based on platforms or other logical groupings.

We provide templates for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Wire framing

When starting a new design you may want to keep an eye on our community site where you can find inspiration from many different designs uploaded by Antetype users.

New screen templates

New Screen Menu - Antetype 1.3

The new screen button in the Antetype toolbar has bee

n update in version 1.3 to be a menu so that new screens can be based on templates.

The set of screens in the menu come from the template that the document was originally created from.

When a new screen type is added to a document the new screen will also add any required resources or widget that it needs. If the document already contains versions of these widgets or resources it will use the existing versions of the widgets and resources and therefore will incorporate the latest changes to those widgets and resources.

Placeholders in templates

Placeholder - Antetype 1.3

You may notice in some templates that there are prompts to add elements to a container. These content placeholders disappear as soon as new elements are added to the container.

Placeholders do not show in exported images or in presentations they are only visible in design mode. If you do not require placeholders in your design you can hide all placeholders using the view menu – Show Placeholders option.

Widget sets

As an aside it is probably useful to note that Antetype 1.3 no longer contains widget sets by default. Previously widgets sets were bundled with Antetype inside the Shared Library. We have decided to change the distribution method for widget sets in Antetype 1.3 and widgets are now bundled inside the templates for each platform.

One consequence of this change is that widgets from different platforms can now easily be included in a single project and moved from project to project using copy and paste.

This post is part of a series of posts about Antetype 1.3.

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