Updated Antetype OS X Color Picker : 1.3.1

UPDATE: New Version available (1.4.1) with up / down arrow and scroll support.

Antetype 1.3 was recently launched with a new feature called Style Editors. The Style Editors are focused on a single styling aspect and open inline in the document. One way that editing a document is quicker with the Style Editors is that values can be changed using the up and down arrows and the scroll wheel on a mouse.

We have added these changes into the stand-alone Antetype Color Picker too which has been released today with these modifications and some performance improvements.

Antetype Color Picker 1.3.1

The 6 number inputs (H,S,B,R,G & B) have been enhanced by adding support for mouse / trackpad scrolling or keyboard up and down arrows.

Up / down arrows

To work with the arrow keys, once a field has focus you can use up or down arrow to increment or decrement a value by 1. You can jump in steps of 10 rather than 1 by pressing the shift key with the up or down arrow.

Scroll wheel support

The input field doesn’t need to be focused if you work with the scroll wheel (or 2 fingers on a trackpad). To use the scroll wheel support mouseover the input you would like to change and then simply scroll up or down.


All the number controls also have steppers to their right so that you can if you choose use these to change the values. As with using the arrow keys on the keyboard you can increase the steps from 1 to 10 using the shift key.

64 bit only support

With this version of the Antetype Color Picker we have dropped support for 32 bit programs. This is an issue if want to use the Color Picker from 32 bit apps, for example Pages 09, Numbers 09 or Keynote 09, only the latest versions of these apps are 64 bit.

If you rely on the Antetype Color Picker in these apps then we would suggest you remain with version 1.2.0.


You first need to download the zip file that contains the Color Picker.

To install the color picker, first extract the zip filecopy the extracted


file to the folder:


N.B. To navigate to your Library folder hold down the option key when viewing the Go menu in Finder.

As ever please post any feedback.

This post is part of a series of posts about Antetype 1.3.

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