Antetype 1.3.2 released

Antetype 1.3.2 was released today it contains only bug fixes, you can download the release from within the Antetype using “Check for Updates…” or you can download it fully from:

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • AT–1630 different angle conversion for webkit
  • AT–1846 size popover doesn’t open for multiple states
  • AT–1847 multiple widgets with different state combinations break style inspector and style bar
  • AT–1844 range out of bounds exception
  • AT–1845 up / down arrows and mouse wheel value changes do not respect non-editable fields in color editor
  • AT–1842 multi-select exceptions
  • AT–1841 max and min width in style bar should not be enabled
  • AT–1830 moving objects to just over the edge of the canvas results in sudden jumps in the canvas.
  • AT–1833 stetted screens did not revert correct after in-place presentations
  • AT–1835 duplicate command is now deactivated for table cells and rows – selecting a row in the screen inspector now selects the children
  • AT–1834 Style bar should now allow the layout of table to be set
  • AT–1836 Tables can not be dragged because selection happens on mouse down – selection is now on mouse up and tables can be easily dragged
  • AT–1837 Style bar fill – paste option not always enabled
  • AT–1838 Shrink resizing has been disabled for Free layouts – group command for free layouts now uses manual resizing and calculates first values

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