Antetype 1.4.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Antetype 1.4.0.

The 1.4 release of Antetype has been focused on one theme – Widgets. In Antetype 1.3 the groundwork was laid to overhaul the way widgets are managed and in 1.4 we have overhauled the standard widgets, widget inspector and widget organisation.

New Widget Inspector

The most noticeable change in Antetype 1.4 is the new Widget Inspector. All areas of this inspector have been redesigned to make working with widgets faster and more intuitive.

Widget Inspector - Antetype 1.4Widget Inspector - Antetype 1.4

At the top of the inspector we have moved the filters and to a menu. The top of the inspector switches between two views of the widgets:

  • Widgets in the project
  • Widgets in widget library

At the bottom of the new widget inspector you can now change the background color for the inspector (using the Antetype Color Editor) and resize widget previews. Resizing of widgets no longer results in a blank space left to the right of the widget previews.

Widget Previews – no more red dots…

The preview that is displayed for each widget in the inspector have been updated to focus on the visual aspects of the widget.



The aspect ratio of the previews has been change to a rectangle because we have seen that most widgets used in Antetype tend to be wider than they are tall. This change optimises the space per widget and more widgets can now be shown within the widget inspector.



Another change to the previews is that the name of the widget been removed from the preview by default and only shows upon mouse over.


Widget_Inspector-11The dot that displayed the status of the widget in prior versions of Antetype has been updated. The red dot that was visible on widgets that did not match the widget library version, has been replaced with a new (non-red) sync icon. Clicking on this icon brings up the context menu for the widget preview.


If a widget matches the version in the widget library then only when the mouse is over a widget does a circle icon appear for the context menu.

Organisation – Tags and Groups

In Antetype 1.4 it is possible to add tags to widgets.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 14.28.23

All widgets in the standard widget library are setup with a set of predefined tags, but any tag can be applied to a widget. When tagging a widget, autocomplete will prompt the user with the details of similar tags.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 14.30.37

Now that widgets can be tagged we have added new widget groups to the widget inspector. Each widget group can be setup to group widget that contain specific tags. For example a widget group can be created to show only widgets tagged ios7 and tablet. When Antetype 1.4 is first installed the default widgets groups compliment the standard widgets in the widget library.

N.B. Empty widget groups are hidden by default – but this can be changed in the widget inspector menu.

We have chosen tagging as the organisation solution for widgets because tags provide an open ended and flexible way for designers to organise their widgets. With our standard widgets we have chosen to organise by platform and control type, but widgets can be organised in any way. For example you might want to organise by project, client, year or even widget status (draft, in-review, approved etc) the choice is now yours.

N.B. Widget groups are configured and stored locally for each computer, if you would like to copy widget groups to other computer please see the file:

~/Library/Application Support/Antetype/widgetCategories.plist


The filters are now available in the menu for the Widget Inspector:

Screenshot 2014-02-11 14.35.18

Remove unused widgets

An oft requested feature for Antetype has been to be able to remove unused widgets in a way similar to the resource inspector’s remove unused resources. This is now possible from the widget inspector menu – “Remove unused from Project”

Look & Feel – reduced functions

Antetype 1.4 no longer allows the creation of new Look & Feels. This change is part of our plan to eventually remove the Look & Feel functionality within Antetype. Existing documents that have multiple Look & Feels will continue to work, but newly created documents can not contain multiple Look & Feels.

All the standard widgets from Antetype 1.3 are in a single Look & Feel. Using a single Look & Feel for all our widgets means that it is now possible to use widgets from different platforms in a single Antetype document. For example screens for iOS and Android can now be created in a single document and not two separate documents with alternate Look & Feels.

It is our plan to remove all Look & Feel support in a future version of Antetype and we making these changes to the functionality over a series of releases to make the change easier. If you are currently using Look & Feels in your documents and would like to influence our future plans – please contact us so that we can understand how best to support your needs.

Widget Library not Shared Library

A more minor change in Antetype 1.4 is that some items within Antetype have now been renamed and relabelled to remove confusion about their purpose.

In Antetype 1.4 the Shared Library is no more and has become the Widget Library. We have made this change to remove any confusion about the sharing of widgets. Widgets stored in the widget library can only be used across projects on the same computer and we believe this is more easily understood with the new name.

In the new widget inspector we have also updated the terms used when using the widget library. The terms update and revert have been replaced with “Send Changes to Widget Library” and “Get Widget Library Version”.

Over 400 new widgets

All new standard widgets have been redesigned in a single Look & Feel. This has meant each widget can have a reduced number of elements because the element hierarchy for each widget no longer requires styling elements for flexibility across different Look & Feels.

We recreated all of our standard widgets in Antetype 1.3, but the widgets were contained within the templates for each platform. In Antetype 1.4 the provided widget library contains all of the new standard widgets so that they are accessible without opening a template from a specific platform.

Bonus Feature: Faster upgrades of existing files

We let our focus on widgets in Antetype 1.4 slip for one single bonus feature. This feature is that the upgrade process for files has been greatly improved and users of larger files should notice that files are converted to the new format in seconds rather than minutes.

Release notes (including bug fixes)

Version 1.4.0 (201402110820)


  • Updated Shared Library & Templates
  • AT-1913 widget search field should use tags in search too
  • AT-1904 web viewer hides Look & Feels when only 1
  • Updated web viewer with clearer message about compatibility
  • AT-1850 Widget inspector select background using AT Color Well
  • AT-1880 widget group expansion state is now saved across application sessions
  • AT-1881 templates auto expand widget groups that match set of tags
  • AT-1882 various visual changes to the widget inspector
  • AT-1848 New data model that includes tags for widgets and faster upgrades from previous versions
  • AT-1850 Updated Widget inspector – with groups, new layout, two views for project and widget library widgets.
  • Removed ability to add look and feels
  • AT-1848 Add tags to widgets

Bug fixes

  • AT-1912 States in Style bar are shown incorrectly after All States used
  • AT-1897 Meta data and undo issues with templates
  • AT-1908 crash after delete widget, change app and press OK
  • AT-1892 Crash while updating widget library
  • AT-1856 Inspectors go missing in OS X 10.9 – inspectors auto sense if they are not visible and correct the situation
  • AT-1865 System locks with too many threads when comparing shared library upon opening a document
  • AT-1869 Visibility command was not working with undo correctly
  • AT-1610 auto-extend a trial if a new version is installed
  • AT-1853 undo / redo broken is template screen is used or when starting from a template
  • AT-1885 icons of previews are not correct
  • AT-1855 corrupt screen cache / templates directory causes a crash
  • AT-1857 nesting problem

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