Antetype 1.4.1

Antetype 1.4.1 was released today it contains  bug fixes and two minor enhancements, you can download the release from within the Antetype using “Check for Updates…” or you can download it fully from:


* AT-1928 Create / Edit Widget Group – Disable Save field unless at least one tag is present
* AT-1924 not possible to search for multiple tags – use space or comma to separate tags

Bug fixes

* AT-1919 Crash in style inspector
* AT-1843 Crash when container is a GDCompositeFigure
* AT-1922 Bug Width/Height attribute in big files – improved performance
* AT-1854 non sRGB colours cause Color Picker Palettes to not work.
* AT-1917 Crash in drawing style bar – checking now for invalid selections
* AT-1919 Crash in style inspector
* AT-1918 Crash while using widget tag-editor
* Changed Type to Name in edit widget sheet

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