Updated Antetype Color Picker: 1.4.1

A new version of the Antetype Color Picker has been released that fixes a crash when colours are selected that do not contain ColorSpace information. Version 1.4.1 can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Antetype Color Picker

Note on 32 bit support:

The Antetype Color Picker no longer works from 32 bit applications, for example Pages 09, Numbers 09 or Keynote 09, only the latest versions of these apps are 64 bit. If you rely on the Antetype Color Picker in these apps then we would suggest you remain with version 1.2.0.


You first need to download the zip file that contains the Color Picker.

To install the color picker, first extract the zip file.

Then copy the extracted


file to the folder:


N.B. To navigate to your Library folder hold down the option key when viewing the Go menu in Finder.

As ever please post any feedback.

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