Antetype 1.5 – Responsive

We are proud to announce the release of Antetype 1.5.

This release has been in BETA for nearly two months and we feel it is ready for prime-time!


The headline features for the 1.5 release relate to responsive design. We have added two new features to properly support designing responsive prototypes.resizing

Layout wrapping

The first feature is that containers can now be configured so that their contents will wrap onto a new line when there is not enough space. This works in a way very similar to text wrapping.

Design Breakpoints

The second feature enables designers to setup design breakpoints for their documents. This means that at certain widths the designer can trigger changes to happen to the design. The style changes are applied using special breakpoint states that can be enabled for each widget on the screen. This approach means that any style property can be changed at a particular width. We recommend watching the new tutorial on responsive designs

You can read more about the responsive features in the preview post from March.

Easier to Learn

Antetype 1.5 has updated tutorial files in the getting started section. Each tutorial is now accompanied by video, text and images to help you get up to speed with Antetype.

The tutorials released with Antetype 1.5 are:

  • Getting Started – concepts used in Antetype
  • Layout – how to layout a mobile website
  • Widgets – create and re-use a widget
  • Interactions – add interactions to our mobile website
  • Responsive – make our mobile website respond to changes in width

Multi Screen Select

As a by product of the changes we have made for responsive designs we have also included the ability to select multiple screens. This is useful not only to change the size of multiple screens but also to copy, paste and delete multiple screens.

Many Bugs fixes

As you can see in the release notes below we have also included many bug fixes in this release.

Release Notes


  • Multi Screen Select
  • AT-1940 Design Breakpoints: Setup breakpoints for a project and add states to widgets for automatic transitions across breakpoints.
  • AT-412 Wrap Property: Responsive flow layout for cells using horizontal or vertical layouts
  • AT-1960 new templates and widget library – merge option now available again for widget library changes.
  • AT-1956 select all states option in edit menu and in context menu
  • AT-1969 – Updated specification screens to include breakpoint states
  • AT-1980 – Have a setting to resize all screens in edit & presentation mode
  • AT-1948 – warning dialog before upgrading file format.
  • Moved to HockeyApp Crash reporter in new builds
  • AT-1921 – Remove Antetype Color Picker Installer – autoupdated still supported
  • AT-1976 – Move to ~/Library/Application Support/com.antetype directory – copy old licence, widget categories and shared library files into the new directory from ~/Library/Application Support/Antetype

Bug fixes

  • Problems with widgets after second save of document
  • AT-2010 Crash with Style bar – fill button
  • AT-2011 Crash with Border Button
  • AT-2012 Crash with unto in Text Tool
  • AT-1983 – Inspectors are always shown after relaunch
  • AT-1990 – possible to nest a widget into a widget of the same type – should not be!
  • AT-1992 – Exception causes canvas not to update
  • AT-1993 – Update Widget converts a widget from the same type in a shared-content-cell a basic cell
  • AT-1989 – Beach ball when selecting some elements
  • AT-1982 – States list jumps if a new state is activated
  • AT-1937 – Crash while saving in widget tag-editor
  • AT-2000 – exception while reverting a widget to shared library version
  • AT-1163 – fixes for multi screen export
  • AT-2004 – added cells not always visible on screen – need to scroll
  • AT-2002 – Style Inspector states bugs (missing selection for inner widget cells)
  • AT-1987 – Crash after ESC in Text selection – also fixed cursor flashing issue
  • AT-1986 – Crash on undo delete multiple cells
  • AT-1952 – Wrong behaviour when making a property shared
  • AT-1962 – red dot remains after revert
  • AT-1967 – Crash in validating menu in style inspector
  • AT-1968 – Crash opening file
  • AT-1971 – Resizing screen from the left hand side causes screen wierdness
  • AT-1975 – exception in create widget
  • AT-1951 Auto update the Antetype Color Picker to version 1.5.0 to fix tagging crashes.
  • AT-1927 Crash with text tool
  • AT-1947 Crash when using color lists in style bar color editors
  • AT-1926 Crash in toolbar validation
  • AT-1945 Improved window placement when starting Antetype for the first time
  • AT-1944 Problems after undo “create widget” resulting in file no longer saving.

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