Antetype Viewer for iOS – out of beta

We are pleased to announce that Antetype Viewer for iOS is finally out of beta and is now available in the iOS App Store. This follows last weeks announcement of Antetype in the Mac App Store.


Find it in the iOS App Store now .

What does it do?

The Antetype viewer for iOS allows you to load and review iosatype files to see and feel how a prototype runs on iOS.

You can export an iosatype from Antetype using the export button on the toolbar.


To access the iosatype file on your phone simply add the file to a folder in dropbox and then from the Antetype Viewer for iOS you can open the file and click through the screens and test the interactions.

If you prefer you can also transfer files using iTunes if you connect you iOS device to your computer. For more information please read our support article

The performance can be a bit slow on older iOS devices but on devices less than two years old the performance is reasonable.

Feedback and questions welcome as always!

xKicker App prototype running on iPhone 5 in the Antetype Viewer for iOS
The above image shows our xKicker app working in the Antetype Viewer for iOS. The xKicker prototype is included by default in the viewer and you can download the antetype file for this app from our community pages if you want to edit the file or change anything.

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