Dropbox and Antetype Viewer for iOS with 64 bit devices

We have discovered a problem with the Antetype Viewer for iOS when linking the application with a dropbox account.

If you are using a 64 bit device such as an iPad Air or iPhone 5S – the dropbox application gives an error when trying to authorise access to dropbox.

This was previously not a problem when we tested on these devices but seems to recently have been introduced by Dropbox. Logic suggests this problem has been caused by a change on the Dropbox servers, but the only solution we have from Dropbox requires us to use a newer version of the Dropbox SDK.

Using the latest Dropbox SDK we have found does fix the problem and we have today submitted version 1.5.2 of the iOS Viewer to the App Store, which includes this fix.

We can currently suggest no other workarounds for iOS users with a 64 bit device, please be patient for the next week or so while we wait for Apple to approve this new version.

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