Introducing Antetype Viewer for OS X

Today we are launching a new free viewer app for Antetype that is available in the Mac App Store.

Open in Mac App Store

Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.26.04

As you might expect the viewer is only able to view files, running permanently in presentation mode, either In-Place or Full Screen.

The UI consists of a deliberately simple toolbar chosen so that it does not distract from your designs. If required the toolbar can also be hidden removing even more distraction from your designs.

Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.21.21


We created the viewer to make it easier to share your atype files with non-Antetype users. There are now 3 ways to share designs made in Antetype:

  • Export to Web Viewer – distribute via email to any platform
  • Export to iOS Viewer – share to iOS via Dropbox or iTunes sync
  • Open atype file in OS X Viewer – distribute to any OS X user

Any OS X without Antetype installed will now be taken to the Antetype Viewer in the Mac App Store when opening an atype file making it the process of distributing Antetype files even easier for OS X users.

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