New Support Forum

If you’ve been visiting our web site today, you might have noticed, that we changed our support site to a new platform.

For about one year, we’ve been using our old portal in combination with Get Satisfaction as our discussion forum. But new pricing options for Get Satisfaction and better possibilities for tracking issues led us to a new service provider – Freshdesk.

This new platform allows us to provide an integrated solution for help files, forum discussions, tips & tricks and issue tracking. It also copes with some shortcomings of the previous solutions, e.g. attachment of files, etc.

We would like to encourage all new discussions to happen on Please note that our forum on Get Satisfaction will remain online as a reference but we will no longer take part in the discussions over there.

On our new support site, you are able to search not only within the discussions of the forum, but also within the help and FAQ sections.

Currently you have the following options to get in contact with us via the support forum:

  • New Support Ticket – this is a private question and can have attachments but will only be visible by the Antetype team.
  • Start a new Topic – this is a public question and is open for all to comment on, but will also be answered by one of us.
  • Email us at

Comments made that include @antetype on twitter or comments made on our facebook profile are also tracked in our support system so there are many ways that you can contact us and know that we will get back to you.

Please tell us what you think of this approach and use the site to help us improve Antetype and our support.

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