Help us to promote Antetype

We need your stories


We are starting work on a big promotional push for Antetype and we need your help.

We know you have great stories about Antetype has helped you:

  • how you no longer have to spend time in Photoshop nudging things around because of the Antetype layout system

  • how stretch and shrink sizing have saved you time adapting designs to new requirements

  • how you can now edit designs live in meetings to quickly iterate and therefore turn things around in shorter times and reduce the number of meetings

  • how implementations more thoroughly match your intentions because developers have better understood what your designs mean

  • how you found your lost cat using Antetype and discovered Eldorado the lost city of gold….. ok maybe not

We need you to spread the word about how our layouts, widgets, breakpoints and specifications have made you more efficient and improved your working life – would you do that for us?

Here is how you can help:

  • tweet about us – recommend Antetype to your followers

  • refer people to great examples at on twitter or Facebook or elsewhere

  • mention us on Facebook

  • post about Antetype on LinkedIn

  • vote for us on our page

  • Publish a blog post about the benefits of Antetype and how it has made your working life better

  • contact us about writing a case study on your usage of Antetype

  • list Antetype as a skill on LinkedIn

  • write a how to article about how to do certain things in Antetype

  • blog about Anteype best practices

  • attend a local user group for UX designers and present Antetype (we can support you in this with licence giveaways)

  • create a video tutorial for

  • or any other ways you can think of to spread the word about Antetype

If you can do one or two or even three of the things on this list then we will give you a thank you shout out tweet and mention you on Facebook too – and even mention you in a follow up post on this blog – please offer any links for us to use.

If you can do 4 or more of these things then we will dispatch to you one of our exclusive Antetype T-shirts, just give us an address and tell us your size!

 Antetype T-shirt - FrontAntetype T-shirt Back "Shrink to Fit"

If the T-shirt doesn’t grab you then please contact us and we will find some other useful reward for you.

If you create a how-to or tutorial video for us then we will sort out an even better prize for you – just get in contact with us.

So please help us get Antetype promoted, remember the more users we have the more sustainable Antetype is and the more features we can add in the future.

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