Antetype 1.7

we are happy to announce Antetype 1.7. The update is available today. The App Store-version has to wait a few days until Apple approves it.

The main focus of this release is the improved exchange of prototypes with other people, who not necessarily use a mac (and could use our Antetype Viewer). We addressed the main difficulties with our existing web viewer:


The web viewer always supported the same layout/interactive features of the main application, but due to a lack of performance it was not always possible to for example show the layout changes while the window size changes. The performance is greatly improved in this versi0n.

Support for Web fonts

Antetype now converts all used fonts into a format usable in the web browser. If a font can not converted automatically, the user can supply his own web-font or use an CSS-fallback:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 17.16.29

Usable without a web server

No need to upload the web viewer on a web server. It is now runnable locally on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Apart from the improved web viewer this release includes a bunch of other fixes and enhancements. See the announcement for the whole list of changes.


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