The develop menu

Since the beginning of Antetype we had a scripting-language embedded, which was mainly used for developing or help out with actions which did not get a real UI so far. In 1.7 we made the decision to make this functionality available. To use it, you have to first enable the Develop-Menu in the Preferences:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.24.48

First of all: sorry for the messiness of the menu, blame it on me :) Just a quick overview about the various items:

  • F-Script contains a simple UI to write own scripts using F-Script. A later blog-post will explain it in more detail. If you can’t wait just contact me or post in our forums.
  • Export HTML/CSS Prototype exports the project as a pure HTML/CSS-prototype. Unlike the Web Viewer, which renders the screen in JavaScript in a canvas-tag, this one builds real HTML which might be reused. This is not finished, just try it on your documents.
  • Colorvision contains some script which simulate various forms of color blindness.
  • Elwoods HTML Export this script was idea from Elwood (hence the name). Yet another way to export an Antetype project for the web. It exports one image per screen and generates an image map for “Goto Screen-Actions”.
  • Force Update Widget the selected widget instance is updated with the changes, all others are reverted. All others will look the same (apart from individual properties/content)
  • Open Scripts Folder just opens the folder containing the scripts in the Finder
  • Replace Colors allows to replace color values. For now a very crude UI, you have to use CSS-hex-colors
  • Replace Font Family allows you to replace font families. (Currently works only for plain text)
  • Replace Text a simple way to replace text (case sensitive)
  • Screen Statistics display some statistics about the current screen
  • Used Colors opens a page in the browser with all used colors in the Antetype document

Quiet a long list, hopefully I did not miss one. We will continue to expand this more. We created a github repository: which will get updates over time. If you have ideas for scripts, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try to add them.


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