2.0 Beta 2: Interactions and JavaScript

The 2nd beta of Version 2 is finally here and it includes some nice features.

Get the new beta now and download the example file that includes all the examples below.

Please note: If you used the first beta, delete the old scripts folder ~/Library/Application Support/com.antetype.Antetype-BETA/Scripts

New Interaction Inspector

This beta gives a first preview of the new interactions inspector. Actions are now much more flexible and new events were added.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 15.29.13

New Events

For one element, multiple events can be defined. In addition to the known events, new ones have been added:

  • Load and Unload Screen
  • Right Mouse-Click
  • Key Press
  • Stop Propagation: This is not really an event. If this option is defined for one element, underlying elements will no longer receive events. Imagine you want to show a  pop-up dialog with light box and you don’t want the elements below to fire actions on mouse events. Now, this is possible.
  • Repeat: Also not an event, but the name says it all. You can start and stop repetition via a new corresponding action. Things like slide shows or progress bars can now be easily realized.


Action Sets

Within one event, you can call multiple action sets. An action set consists of one or more cells that will be affected by one or more actions, triggered by the event.

Within one action set, you can also refer to other elements, like siblings, children or parents. Action sets will reduce the number of actions dramatically.

This example shows that you now only need a few actions to create an interactive tabbed pane by making use of the new action sets.


New Actions

  • Change Property: Some properties can now be changed via an action, reducing the need to add a too many states. Currently, this is limited to numeric values, but we plan to extend this to all properties. As with states, property changes can also be animated.


  • Start/Stop Repeat: If Repeat is defined for an element. You can start and stop repetition via this action.
  • Scripts: You can now execute custom scripts in presentation mode via actions (more info below).
  • Delay: Actions can now be executed one by one by adding delays.
  • Copy Actions:  Finally, you can copy and paste actions to other elements.


Great news: you no longer need to learn F-Script! Antetype now supports scripting via JavaScript. In addition to single script files, a plugin can be a bundle of multiple scripts and resources like e.g. images. As an example we added a content generation plugin. The plugin searches for cell names (e.g. FIRSTNAME) and fills in text and images stored in the plugin. All you have to take care of is to name the cells correctly.


Go, check it out and build your own. (To view the contents of the bundle file, right-click the file and choose “Show Package Contents”).

Like previously, plugins are located in your Application Support folder. You can open this folder via the Plugins menu. New scripts have to be copied here and can then be executed from the menu.

As already mentioned above, you can also call scripts via actions in presentation mode. You can do all kinds of things with that. In our example we replace an Antetype widget with a native Cocoa entry field an thus can edit text in presentation mode.


In another example we embed a web view and load an URL.



You can now turn on scrolling for any cell in in-place presentation mode. Currently, no scrollbars are shown, but trackpads and scroll wheels are supported.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 22.16.20

Known Issues

  • New features currently only work in in-place presentation mode.
  • Web Viewer is not supported.
  • Some rendering problems of Beta 1 are still present in in-place presentation mode.
  • Animations might not work with some styling options applied.
  • If scrolling is turned on, it might cause problems with some styling options applied.

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