Antetype 1.6

We are proud to announce the release of Antetype 1.6.

The focus of the development of Antetype 1.6 has been performance improvements and bug fixes, you can find out more details in the release notes.

The release is a simultaneous release for the standalone version and the app store version.

Package file format

The biggest change in this release is the move to a package based file format. This change matches those made by many other apps in recent years and has been essential for the sandboxed version of Antetype to work correctly.

The change to a package based format will also allow to introduce further performance changes in the future will be added slowly in future updates.

Updated iOS Antetype Viewer

The iOS Antetype Viewer has also been updated to take advantage of the latest changes made to Antetype – please update from the iOS app store.

OS X Viewer App waiting for Apple released

The OS X Antetype Viewer that is available in the Mac App Store has not yet passed the Apple review we expect this to be available at the end of this week in the App Store has now also been updated and released.

OS X 10.7 support

With Antetype 1.6.0 we sadly have had to drop support for OS X 10.7. The cost of maintenance for 10.7 was becoming prohibitive especially when 95% of our users are using 10.8 or 10.9.

Release notes

You can find the full release notes for Antetype 1.6 on our support site

UPDATED 21:20: OS X Antetype Viewer – latest update released to Mac App Store

Introducing Antetype Viewer for OS X

Today we are launching a new free viewer app for Antetype that is available in the Mac App Store.

Open in Mac App Store

Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.26.04

As you might expect the viewer is only able to view files, running permanently in presentation mode, either In-Place or Full Screen.

The UI consists of a deliberately simple toolbar chosen so that it does not distract from your designs. If required the toolbar can also be hidden removing even more distraction from your designs.

Screenshot 2014-06-17 09.21.21


We created the viewer to make it easier to share your atype files with non-Antetype users. There are now 3 ways to share designs made in Antetype:

  • Export to Web Viewer – distribute via email to any platform
  • Export to iOS Viewer – share to iOS via Dropbox or iTunes sync
  • Open atype file in OS X Viewer – distribute to any OS X user

Any OS X without Antetype installed will now be taken to the Antetype Viewer in the Mac App Store when opening an atype file making it the process of distributing Antetype files even easier for OS X users.

New Support Forum

If you’ve been visiting our web site today, you might have noticed, that we changed our support site to a new platform.

For about one year, we’ve been using our old portal in combination with Get Satisfaction as our discussion forum. But new pricing options for Get Satisfaction and better possibilities for tracking issues led us to a new service provider – Freshdesk.

This new platform allows us to provide an integrated solution for help files, forum discussions, tips & tricks and issue tracking. It also copes with some shortcomings of the previous solutions, e.g. attachment of files, etc.

We would like to encourage all new discussions to happen on Please note that our forum on Get Satisfaction will remain online as a reference but we will no longer take part in the discussions over there.

On our new support site, you are able to search not only within the discussions of the forum, but also within the help and FAQ sections.

Currently you have the following options to get in contact with us via the support forum:

  • New Support Ticket – this is a private question and can have attachments but will only be visible by the Antetype team.
  • Start a new Topic – this is a public question and is open for all to comment on, but will also be answered by one of us.
  • Email us at

Comments made that include @antetype on twitter or comments made on our facebook profile are also tracked in our support system so there are many ways that you can contact us and know that we will get back to you.

Please tell us what you think of this approach and use the site to help us improve Antetype and our support.

Antetype 1.5.2 – Save As Bug

We have discovered a serious bug in version 1.5.1 of Antetype that can result in changes to your older files being overwritten when you use the Save As function to duplicate a file.

In the scenario below both the original document and the new document will have the changes saved.

To reproduce this problem:

  1. Open an existing document
  2. Make a change to part of the document
  3. Use Save As to create a new version of the document

Expected Results:

  • Original document is not changed
  • New “Save As” document has the changes

Actual Results:

  • Both original and “Save As” document contain the changes.

Version 1.5.2 has been released yesterday to address this problem.

App Store Users

For those users with a copy from the App Store you will have to wait unto a week for the issue to pass through the App Store approval process.

Dropbox and Antetype Viewer for iOS with 64 bit devices

We have discovered a problem with the Antetype Viewer for iOS when linking the application with a dropbox account.

If you are using a 64 bit device such as an iPad Air or iPhone 5S – the dropbox application gives an error when trying to authorise access to dropbox.

This was previously not a problem when we tested on these devices but seems to recently have been introduced by Dropbox. Logic suggests this problem has been caused by a change on the Dropbox servers, but the only solution we have from Dropbox requires us to use a newer version of the Dropbox SDK.

Using the latest Dropbox SDK we have found does fix the problem and we have today submitted version 1.5.2 of the iOS Viewer to the App Store, which includes this fix.

We can currently suggest no other workarounds for iOS users with a 64 bit device, please be patient for the next week or so while we wait for Apple to approve this new version.

Antetype Viewer for iOS – out of beta

We are pleased to announce that Antetype Viewer for iOS is finally out of beta and is now available in the iOS App Store. This follows last weeks announcement of Antetype in the Mac App Store.


Find it in the iOS App Store now .

What does it do?

The Antetype viewer for iOS allows you to load and review iosatype files to see and feel how a prototype runs on iOS.

You can export an iosatype from Antetype using the export button on the toolbar.


To access the iosatype file on your phone simply add the file to a folder in dropbox and then from the Antetype Viewer for iOS you can open the file and click through the screens and test the interactions.

If you prefer you can also transfer files using iTunes if you connect you iOS device to your computer. For more information please read our support article

The performance can be a bit slow on older iOS devices but on devices less than two years old the performance is reasonable.

Feedback and questions welcome as always!

xKicker App prototype running on iPhone 5 in the Antetype Viewer for iOS
The above image shows our xKicker app working in the Antetype Viewer for iOS. The xKicker prototype is included by default in the viewer and you can download the antetype file for this app from our community pages if you want to edit the file or change anything.

Beyond Tellerrand 2014

We are just back from 2 days in Düsseldorf at the Beyond Tellerrand conference where we received a fantastic response for Antetype.

Version 1.5 is focused on responsive designs and Beyond Tellerand is primarily a web design conference so we used the occasion of our sponsorship of the conference to launch version 1.5 of Antetype, which had been released on Friday.

The feedback we received was overwhelming – our new responsive features went down very well, but as most people had not seen the product before they were also impressed by other features such as the widget system and specification generation.

Most of the speakers also popped over to our stand to have a look at Antetype and all that did gave us a good thumbs up. We were encouraged by kind words from Ethan Marcotte, Stephen Hay and Vasilis van Gemert.

We were really complimented by the time given over to us by Erik Spiekermann who sat with us for over an hour providing feedback and his thoughts on Antetype.

If you want to see what the people at Beyond Tellerrand saw –  please check out the 50 minutes of tutorials we have updated for the new responsive features.

Antetype now in the Mac App Store

We are pleased to announce that Antetype is now available in the Mac App Store.


The version released in the App Store matches exactly the standard version of Antetype and going forward we will simultaneously release our standard and App Store versions at the same time.

Antetype 1.5 – Responsive

We are proud to announce the release of Antetype 1.5.

This release has been in BETA for nearly two months and we feel it is ready for prime-time!


The headline features for the 1.5 release relate to responsive design. We have added two new features to properly support designing responsive prototypes.resizing

Layout wrapping

The first feature is that containers can now be configured so that their contents will wrap onto a new line when there is not enough space. This works in a way very similar to text wrapping.

Design Breakpoints

The second feature enables designers to setup design breakpoints for their documents. This means that at certain widths the designer can trigger changes to happen to the design. The style changes are applied using special breakpoint states that can be enabled for each widget on the screen. This approach means that any style property can be changed at a particular width. We recommend watching the new tutorial on responsive designs

You can read more about the responsive features in the preview post from March.

Easier to Learn

Antetype 1.5 has updated tutorial files in the getting started section. Each tutorial is now accompanied by video, text and images to help you get up to speed with Antetype.

The tutorials released with Antetype 1.5 are:

  • Getting Started – concepts used in Antetype
  • Layout – how to layout a mobile website
  • Widgets – create and re-use a widget
  • Interactions – add interactions to our mobile website
  • Responsive – make our mobile website respond to changes in width

Multi Screen Select

As a by product of the changes we have made for responsive designs we have also included the ability to select multiple screens. This is useful not only to change the size of multiple screens but also to copy, paste and delete multiple screens.

Many Bugs fixes

As you can see in the release notes below we have also included many bug fixes in this release.

Release Notes


  • Multi Screen Select
  • AT-1940 Design Breakpoints: Setup breakpoints for a project and add states to widgets for automatic transitions across breakpoints.
  • AT-412 Wrap Property: Responsive flow layout for cells using horizontal or vertical layouts
  • AT-1960 new templates and widget library – merge option now available again for widget library changes.
  • AT-1956 select all states option in edit menu and in context menu
  • AT-1969 – Updated specification screens to include breakpoint states
  • AT-1980 – Have a setting to resize all screens in edit & presentation mode
  • AT-1948 – warning dialog before upgrading file format.
  • Moved to HockeyApp Crash reporter in new builds
  • AT-1921 – Remove Antetype Color Picker Installer – autoupdated still supported
  • AT-1976 – Move to ~/Library/Application Support/com.antetype directory – copy old licence, widget categories and shared library files into the new directory from ~/Library/Application Support/Antetype

Bug fixes

  • Problems with widgets after second save of document
  • AT-2010 Crash with Style bar – fill button
  • AT-2011 Crash with Border Button
  • AT-2012 Crash with unto in Text Tool
  • AT-1983 – Inspectors are always shown after relaunch
  • AT-1990 – possible to nest a widget into a widget of the same type – should not be!
  • AT-1992 – Exception causes canvas not to update
  • AT-1993 – Update Widget converts a widget from the same type in a shared-content-cell a basic cell
  • AT-1989 – Beach ball when selecting some elements
  • AT-1982 – States list jumps if a new state is activated
  • AT-1937 – Crash while saving in widget tag-editor
  • AT-2000 – exception while reverting a widget to shared library version
  • AT-1163 – fixes for multi screen export
  • AT-2004 – added cells not always visible on screen – need to scroll
  • AT-2002 – Style Inspector states bugs (missing selection for inner widget cells)
  • AT-1987 – Crash after ESC in Text selection – also fixed cursor flashing issue
  • AT-1986 – Crash on undo delete multiple cells
  • AT-1952 – Wrong behaviour when making a property shared
  • AT-1962 – red dot remains after revert
  • AT-1967 – Crash in validating menu in style inspector
  • AT-1968 – Crash opening file
  • AT-1971 – Resizing screen from the left hand side causes screen wierdness
  • AT-1975 – exception in create widget
  • AT-1951 Auto update the Antetype Color Picker to version 1.5.0 to fix tagging crashes.
  • AT-1927 Crash with text tool
  • AT-1947 Crash when using color lists in style bar color editors
  • AT-1926 Crash in toolbar validation
  • AT-1945 Improved window placement when starting Antetype for the first time
  • AT-1944 Problems after undo “create widget” resulting in file no longer saving.

Responsive Designs with Antetype

UPDATED: Antetype 1.5 has been released with all these features and more.

Antetype already includes layout features that allow elements to react to the size of the screen, but in Antetype 1.5 (sign up for beta access) we have added design breakpoints and content wrapping so that Antetype fully supports responsive designs.

Making designs responsive

Website and web app designs must work well on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Websites are often built using responsive techniques so that the content adapts to the size of the screen / viewport. Responsive techniques have reduced the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining websites for multiple viewports.

Before the work to generate the responsive website code is started, multiple mockups must be created, one for each of the screens at different viewport widths.

xkicker-mobile xkicker-medium-123 xkicker-desktop
This results in a set of documents for each viewport width; when modifications need to be made to a design the modifications must be applied to each separate design. The overhead of maintaining all the different designs often results in designs that only cater to two specific widths and little thought about what should happen at the points between the narrowest width and the largest width.

Responsive features since Antetype 1.4

Antetype already includes features to make elements respond to the size of other elements.

Horizontal & vertical layouts

An element configured with horizontal layout will ensure that child elements are placed in a row and the alignment of the elements in the row specified.
[insert image of pop-up editor – screen-horizontal and screen-vertical]

screen-vertical  screen-horizontal

Stretch and shrink sizes

Elements can dynamically calculate their dimensions based on the size of their contents or on the size of their parent element.

  • An element stretches to the full width / height of the parent element
  • An element stretches to a percentage width / height of the parent element.
  • An element shrinks to the size of the child elements.

Using these options content in a design can respond to changes in the size of a screen but these changes are minimal and do not allow hiding of content or alterations of other properties.

Resizing the screen in design and presentation modes

When designing a screen it is useful to be able to easily see how the content will look at various widths and this is easily done in Antetype while designing and also while presenting.

Wrapping / Flowing

Building on horizontal and vertical layouts in Anetype 1.5 we have added a new styling property so that child elements flow onto a new row / column as the width / height decreases.

When the new wrapping property is enabled, reducing the width of a parent element causes the child elements to flow on to a new row in the parent element and the height of the parent element increases.

Child elements can have a fixed size or use stretch / shrink sizing in combination with the minimum and maximum size values to control when they will flow to the next row.



An Antetype document now holds a set of user defined breakpoints, which can be viewed in status bar.


Selecting a breakpoint from the list changes the width of the screen to the value of the breakpoint. This enables quick switching between breakpoints while designing.

Responsive widgets

Once you have added some breakpoints to your document, the widgets in a document can be configured to have different appearance at different breakpoints.

This is achieved by adding a new state to a widget – if we have added a breakpoint called “mobile” then we get a new option on the add state menu to add a breakpoint called “mobile – Normal”.

Screenshot 2014-03-21 08.11.45

Any properties can be changed for the new state: size, color, margins, padding, line heights, text etc. The sub components of a widget can be hidden, collapsed or shown and in turn all of their style properties can also be changed.

As you resize your document you will see that it automatically changes the widget from one state to another.


Single design for all screen sizes

Using the new wrapping and breakpoint features in Antetype 1.5 speeds up the design process because designers can create and maintain a single design that will work across multiple viewport sizes. The way a screen will look at different sizes can be seen during design and a designer can pass the details of how they expect a design to behave along to a developer.

Designers can save even more time using Antetype 1.5 and are better able to communicate the intentions and vision of their designs to their clients and developers.

These functions are currently only available in the beta version of Antetype – please sign up for the beta to try them out.

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