Speed up interaction editing with Antetype 1.3

At Ergosign (our parent company and full of avid Antetype users) the biggest boost to productivity from Antetype 1.3 has been the new In-Place Presentation mode and accompanying interaction tool. In this post we will explain more about how In-Place … Continue reading

Other changes in Antetype 1.3

Our recent posts have highlighted a lot of larger changes in Antetype 1.3, but there have been a lot smaller changes too. This post covers some of the smaller changes like JPEG export, re-set presentation mode, screen numbering on export … Continue reading

New Color Editor – Antetype 1.3

In Antetype 1.3 the Antetype Color Picker right is embedded directly within Antetype. Color Picking is done within the main Antetype window, without a floating panel, and color information is presented alongside other styling information in the Style Editors. This … Continue reading

Navigation changes – Antetype 1.3

In Antetype 1.3 we have updated the ways that you interact with and navigate documents. This post reviews the updates to navigation in Antetype 1.3 and reveals some hidden features that can speed up productivity. Widget single state selection as … Continue reading

Text bar – Antetype 1.3

Two new editing bars have been added to Antetype 1.3, the Style bar and Text bar. We have previously written about the new Style bar and this post focuses on the new features in the Text Bar. The editing bars … Continue reading

Style Editors – Antetype 1.3

The Style Inspector in Antetype contains all properties that can be edited for any element in Antetype. Unless you have an enormous monitor it is not possible to see all of the entries in the Style Inspector and styling tasks … Continue reading

Style Bar – Antetype 1.3

Two new editing bars have been added to the main window in Antetype 1.3, both are designed to provide at-a-glance information about the currently selected element and enable quicker editing. This post explores the functions available from the Style bar … Continue reading

Updated Antetype OS X Color Picker : 1.3.1

UPDATE: New Version available (1.4.1) with up / down arrow and scroll support. Antetype 1.3 was recently launched with a new feature called Style Editors. The Style Editors are focused on a single styling aspect and open inline in the document. One … Continue reading

Creating Custom Templates – Antetype 1.3

The new template chooser in Antetype 1.3 comes with predefined templates but it possible to add custom templates to the template chooser too. This post will take you through the process of adding a new custom template to Antetype. Location … Continue reading

Document & Screen Templates – Antetype 1.3

Antetype 1.3 comes with a set of predefined templates and widget sets. Template Chooser When creating a new document in Antetype 1.3 the only route is via the Template Chooser. When starting Antetype or by choosing new from the file … Continue reading

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